Want to be a partner in coffee crime? Good news...we want you to be ours too!

We are honored to be served in some of the best cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the world. Along with our unique coffee, we're committed to providing supreme customer service no matter how big or small the customer's needs shall be.

BonJo Coffee Roasters has been servicing the food industry for over 35 years with award-winning products and services. We live a culture of excellence that is based on giving customers what they need -- a passionately crafted cup of coffee offering the best quality-- exclusively for their taste buds.

BonJo avidly shapes the future of coffee by inspiring customers to obtain a “unique” coffee that is different from any other they ever had; leaving an “unmistakable” taste in their memory.

Everything we do in our company is guided by this vision. From all of our offerings, services, training, employees, and quality control; it is promised that only the best will be sourced for our customers.

What's included and what makes us different? Check out the other tabs in our wholesale section to find out!

Not yet convinced?

Schedule a private consultation and/or tasting before deciding if we are the fit for you. Our entire wholesale team will assist in finding the best coffee for your business model and more importantly your pallet. With upward of 50 different offerings, we are sure to find one just perfect for you...and if that doesn't work we will make a blend or a coffee roast specifically to your liking! Call us at 203.914.1600 or email [email protected] today to schedule your private tasting and learn more about our wholesale opportunities.